About Me

Chase your Passions and Lead with Compassion

I believe it is my calling to serve the community. For nearly a decade, I have worked in the social services field in a multitude of roles in mental healthcare. As a Master of Social Work and a Licensed Social Worker, I have the knowledge base to provide services in both clinical and nonclinical settings. My experience in social work and working directly with the community, juggling high caseloads, solving complicated problems, and delivering compassionate care are all vital resources I provide as a Holistic Wellness Coach. And, my passion for Muay Thai, yoga, nature, music, and healing allow me to authentically serve clients using the skills, lessons, and tools I've gained from delving deeply into myself, which, in turn, helps others heal as well.

Specialities include: mental health, LGBT+, sex, spirituality, relationships, communication/interpersonal issues, breath work, self-defense, plant medicine, and survival skills

Disclaimer: Although I am a Licensed Social Worker, I am not a primary psychotherapist. If help and guidance needed extends beyond my expertise, or if I believe there is underlying psychopathology present, I may provide referrals for local professionals practicing clinical social work.


(732) 757-7607

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